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  • Ultimate Date Night


    Date night just got a whole lot better!

    Ultimate Date Night is a romantic keepsake devotional offering fifty-two fun and memorable date ideas to draw you closer to each other and God.

    Features include:
    – unique date experiences varying in cost, romance, and effort
    – hilarious stories
    – creative conversation starters
    – space to capture highlights and memories
    – playful dares, games, and challenges
    – heartfelt prayers
    – inspiring Scriptures

    Spark new energy and deepen your relationship as you laugh, connect, and honor Christ as a couple.

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  • Celebrate Your Marriage


    Stay happily married for life! Whether it has been twenty years or twenty minutes, every marriage needs encouragement. This daily devotional is for married couples who want to strengthen their relationship and center it on God. Designed with busy couples in mind, each reading is short enough to enjoy together over that first cup of coffee or right before bed.

    Every day includes:
    – practical tips for fostering meaningful connection,
    – simple reminders on how to enjoy a Christ-like relationship,
    – fun anecdotes from other couples, and
    – space to record thoughts and action steps.

    Draw closer to your spouse and God with Celebrate Your Marriage – the perfect gift for newlyweds and seasoned couples alike.

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