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  • Mentoring For All Seasons


    Realize the value and blessings of participating in mentoring relationships during all stages, ages, and seasons of life.

    Women often don’t think they know enough to be a mentor, or fear rejection if they ask someone to mentor them. Others don’t think they need mentoring. However, throughout the Bible, God calls spiritually younger and older women to learn from and teach one another. Mentoring for All Seasons helps answer questions like these:

    What is mentoring?
    How do I find a mentor?
    Why does God want us to mentor one another?
    What are the blessings of mentoring?

    Through true stories from mentors and mentees in life seasons from tween to twilight-along with the author’s personal experiences, helpful tips, Scriptures to study together, and biblical mentoring relationship examples-Mentoring for All Seasons encourages women to be intentional about sharing their life experiences and God’s faithfulness with other women.

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