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  • Old Testament History An Overview Of Sacred History And Truth


    This is the revised and expanded version of Wilbur Fields’ 1967 Old Testament History. Utilizing the New International Version, this volume stands ready to service the needs of Bible college students and laymen interested in knowing their Old Testaments better.

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  • Meaning Of The Millennium


    Prof Clouse has brought together four proponents of the four major millennial views:each view has had both a long history and a host of Christian adherents through the years. George Ladd presents historic premillennialism. Hoyt writes on dispenstional premillennialism.

    Boettner retired theologian discusses the postmillennial view. And finally Hoekema describes the amillennial position. After each essay the other three writers respond from their own perspective. This book is a debate among key Christian scholars on the meaning of the millennium.

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