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  • U Turn In The Single Lane


    If any woman knows about heartache and poor choices in men, it is Amy Butler. Swept off her feet at the age of twenty-four by a handsome Christian businessman, her perfect life was shattered in the middle of planning a wedding. When the truth was exposed, she learned her beloved fiancee was living under a stolen identity and was wanted in four states for bank fraud. In the midst of helping the TBI catch the fugitive, Amy lost everything and was forced to move in with family. In a state of brokenness, she sought to put Band-Aids on her wounded heart in the form of more relationships. She found herself pregnant out of wedlock, and married the father against her own better judgment. After five years of marriage, and her husband’s four-year affair with alcohol and drugs, she divorced and became a single mom of two. But the heartache didn’t stop there. After a series of broken hearts from being deceived by men, she finally came to the end of herself and decided to take a different approach-a U-turn at God’s prompting. She spent the next few years walking through grace, healing, and forgiveness while discovering strength in Christ. She found total contentment in her single life, becoming whole in Christ. She no longer looked for love, but eventually God allowed love to find her. This book teaches women to find their God-given strength, walk through healing, dismantle negative perspectives, overcome rejection and loneliness, and become content in Christ while waiting for His best.

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  • Hello My Name Is Single


    Being a single Christian in today s culture can be complicated. This helpful book seeks to engage singles with Christ-centered content that covers topics such as dating, modesty, holding out for marriage, understanding the vocation of a single person, and seeking healthy guy-girl relationships. It also provides a platform for married Christians to engage singles in conversation about the blessings and challenges of marriage as well as lessons learned from their time as a single Christian.

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