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  • Easy For Me Bible Verses


    Young children can start memorizing a lot at a young age-from ABCs and numbers to colors and Bible verses-and they often have fun doing so! Easy for Me Bible Verses is a delightfully illustrated board book that includes 24 Scriptures that are fundamental to the Christian faith, such as:
    *In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. -Genesis 1:1
    *The Lord is good to everyone. -Psalm 145:9
    *God, create a clean heart for me. -Psalm 51:10
    *Love your neighbor as yourself. -Matthew 22:39

    In a time when biblical illiteracy runs rampant in our culture, Christian parents want to lead their children to hide God’s Word in their hearts starting early. Easy for Me Bible Verses is a simple way to help parents do just that.

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  • Writing Courage On My Heart


    This 6-Week Devotional Will Lead You on a Simple but Powerful Scripture Memory Journey

    Writing Courage on My Heart is a 6-week devotional for women that focuses on one simple Bible memory verse per week. Each day’s devotion explores a different aspect of that week’s verse, like:
    *the context of the verse
    *applying scripture’s teaching to your life
    *how God’s Word affects your inner thought-life
    *salvation, eternity, relationships, and more.

    Equal parts challenging and encouraging, this unique book includes a 2-color interior and 6 full-color tear-out index cards, each with a weekly memory verse printed on it to be displayed as a reminder to write God’s Word on your heart–perfect for the fridge, bathroom mirror, computer monitor, or even as a bookmark.

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  • Guarding Your Childs Heart Workbook


    Targeted toward parents with young children, Dr. Gary Smalley’s Guarding Your Child’s Heart video curriculum teaches parents how to teach their kids effective ways to memorize and meditate on Scripture. This interactive workbook provides practical steps, thought-provoking questions, and fun activities that equip parents to shape their children’s lives by hiding God’s Word in their minds and hearts.

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