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  • Illustrating Well : Preaching Sermons That Connect


    Communicate well by illustrating well

    Preachers face all kinds of obstacles on Sunday mornings. A sermon that employs interesting and appropriate illustrations can help break through barriers and convey truth in a fresh way. In Illustrating Well, Jim L. Wilson provides pastors with the tools to effectively use sermon illustrations to help them communicate the Bible’s teachings. To reach the hearts and minds of their congregations, preachers must do more than explain the truth; they must demonstrate how the truth relates to real life. Every sermon should be theologically rich and thoroughly biblical, but a good illustration can take what might be an abstract concept and turn it into a concrete reality for the listener.

    In Illustrating Well, preachers will discover what makes for a compelling illustration as well as the benefits and potential pitfalls of particular types of illustrations.

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  • Preaching Life Changing Sermons


    A how-to guide for preparing and delivering Spiritfilled, biblical messages that make an impact

    Being called to preach is a tremendous commission. In Preaching Life-Changing Sermons, Jesse L. Nelson shares a simple process for effective expository sermon preparation and delivery, flavored with insights from his life in ministry and academic work. Those with teaching and preaching responsibilities with little to no seminary training will learn practical steps they can use today in their ministry.

    Nelson outlines the six foundations of life-changing preaching and shows how each looks in the everyday life of a pastor:
    *Seek the Spirit
    *Select the Scripture
    *Study the Scripture
    *Structure the Sermon
    *Speak in the Spirit
    *Share the Savior

    Handling God’s Word rightly through prayer, sermon preparation, and sermon delivery sets the stage for people to absorb the message. When the Spirit moves as Scripture speaks, souls are changed–and the call to preach becomes an exciting, transformative adventure.

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  • Called To Preach


    In every generation, the church stands in dire need of God-called people to preach the Word with precision and power. Preachers who will not replace sound theology with culturally palatable soundbites. Preachers who will clearly and faithfully share the gospel and inspire those in their churches to live godly lives.

    Through in-depth biblical analysis and inspiring examples from church history, Steven J. Lawson paints a picture of God’s glory magnified through faithful preaching, reclaiming the high ground of biblical preaching for the next generation. With helpful advice and practical guidance gleaned from 50 years in ministry, Lawson helps aspiring preachers know if they are called to preach; understand the qualifications for ministry; and develop, improve, and deliver strong expository sermons that illuminate the Word of God in a dark world.

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  • There Is Hope


    250,000 people die in the UK each year, and almost half will have a Christian funeral service. Preaching at a funeral is a vital part of pastoral ministry, but too often funeral sermons consist of generalities and platitudes used for multiple services rather than illuminating the hope gifted to us by the resurrection.

    In There is Hope veteran pastor Paul Beasley-Murray offers practical advice to help Christian leaders craft meaningful, biblically driven sermons and preach with confidence and compassion at funeral services.

    Drawing on his years of experience, he offers a sensitive, pastorally rich exposition of twenty key Bible passages, exploring how preachers can draw on them to show the hope beyond death that the Gospel offers. Alongside are funeral sermon examples that he has preached himself, as well as ideas, outlines and guidance for writing your own.

    There is Hope is the perfect book for ordinands and preachers who are new to giving funeral sermons, as well as for experienced preachers and pastors wanting to improve and grow in their pastoral ministry and are looking for new ideas for funeral sermons.

    Full of biblical depth, this guide will equip priests and pastors with all the tools they need to deliver comforting funeral sermons that truly deliver the message that even in death, in the Gospel there is hope.?

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  • Transforming Preaching : Reflecting On 50 Years Of Word Ministry


    In Transforming Preaching, David Jackman, reflecting on over fifty years of Word-ministry offers real encouragement and help with some of the ongoing challenges and pitfalls facing the preacher.

    Each chapter addresses a different theme that will shape and sharpen the reader in their thinking about what it means to be a faithful expositor and servant of the Word.

    Chapter Headings include:

    1. Preaching with the Right Goal in View
    2. Preaching that Grows People
    3. Preaching in line with God’s Agenda
    4. Preaching the transformational Intention
    5. Preaching to Cultivate a Robust Faith in a Shifting World
    6. Preaching the Whole Truth
    7. Preaching: Colossians a Test Case
    8. Preaching to Renew Minds
    9. Preaching That is Balanced and Well Crafted
    10. Preaching Law and Liberty Rightly
    11. Preaching that Recognises God’s Work and Ours
    12. Preaching that Expands the Mind

    David Jackman is the ideal person to write a book like this. David has been preaching and training preachers longer than many of us have been alive. He is a terrific encourager of preachers and his insights, observations and exhortations will provide great stimulus for your own thinking.

    After graduating from Cambridge university, David Jackman worked for six years with the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, followed by theological studies at Trinity College, Bristol and fifteen years of ministry at Above Bar Church, Southampton. In 1991 he became the founder-director of the Cornhill Training Course in London, a ministry of the Proclamation Trust, with whom he served for eighteen years, latterly as its President. His active “retirement” sees him involved in preaching, training and writing ministries and enjoying family time with his wife, Heather, and their four grandchildren.

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  • Little Book For New Preachers


    One of the central tasks of pastoral ministry is preaching the Word of God. Yet those who are called to ministry may feel unprepared, unable, or unwilling to step into this role. In this brief introduction to homiletics, seasoned preacher Matthew Kim provides proven insight and guidance about the importance and history of preaching, the characteristics of faithful preaching, and the personal habits of a faithful preacher.

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  • Shepherd As Preacher


    Scripture holds a simple declaration that sets forth every pastor’s highest priority: “Preach the Word.”

    When you consider all that God desires to accomplish through preaching, it becomes apparent why it’s such a big deal. It’s God’s main means of feeding, comforting, correcting, and protecting His people–as well as pointing unbelievers to Christ.

    Such an enormous responsibility deserves a pastor’s best. In The Shepherd as Preacher, you’ll find the best encouragement and guidance available on how you can preach God’s Word God’s way.

    With John MacArthur and other outstanding Bible teachers, you’ll survey the essentials every minister needs to know, including…
    *the focus and purpose of biblical preaching
    *the character of a faithful preacher
    *the keys to effective preaching
    *how to preach in the Spirit’s power

    Yours is a high and holy privilege–one with incredible potential to change lives. This book will equip you to fulfill that calling with excellence.

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  • Biblical Preaching : The Development And Delivery Of Expository Messages


    This bestselling text by Haddon Robinson, considered by many to be the “teacher of preachers,” has sold over 300,000 copies and is a contemporary classic in the field. It offers students, pastors, and Bible teachers expert guidance in the development and delivery of expository sermons. This new edition has been updated throughout and includes helpful exercises.

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  • Preaching : The Art Of Narrative Exposition


    Because they are speaking to a younger society more attuned to lively dialogue and visual images, pastors need a fresh wineskin for a timeless message of redemption. Calvin Miller, who has preached and equipped preachers for decades, offers a volume of helpful insights for pastors to deliver the heart of the gospel via the Jesus-endorsed vessel of compelling storytelling. For the working pastor, Miller’s crash course on preaching is a welcomed study. Now available in trade paper.

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  • Using Old Testament Hebrew In Preaching


    Using Old Testament Hebrew in Preaching provides seminary-trained preachers and preachers-in-the-making with a refresher in Hebrew exegesis, a description of the tools they need, a process of transforming exegesis into exposition, and a reminder of the benefits (both to the preacher and congregation) of using the original language. It is intended as a Hebrew counterpart to David Alan Black’s widely acclaimed Using New Testament Greek in Ministry (Baker, 1993).

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  • Invitation To Biblical Preaching


    Written in a conversational style with profuse examples to illustrate all concepts, Invitation to Biblical Preaching takes the reader step-by-step through the entire process of preparing a biblical message, from studying a passage with skill and integrity to delivering a message with persuasion, accuracy, passion, and relevance. An experienced pastor and homiletics professor, Donald Sunukjian provides budding pastors with wise counsel that is sure to stay with them throughout their ministries.

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  • Witness Of Preaching


    SKU (ISBN): 9780664229436Thomas LongBinding: Trade PaperPublished: October 2005Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

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  • Preaching Gods Word


    15 Chapters Divided Into Three Parts:
    Developing And Preaching Biblical Sermon
    Preaching The New Testament
    Preaching Old Testament

    Additional Info
    Reach today’s postmodern congregation with life-changing expository preaching grounded in sound Bible-based exegesis. Presenting basic as well as advanced concepts, this practical guide provides clear answers to questions like “How can I make spiritual truths in ancient texts relevant?”; “How should I address special concerns of my listeners?”; “What about different biblical genres?”; and much more.

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  • Homiletical Plot : The Sermon As Narrative Art Form


    Lowry argues that preachers should regard the sermon as a narrative art form, a sacred story of God’s dramatic encounter with humanity. He outlines five steps for preaching narrative sermons, even when dealing with non-narrative biblical texts. Because the plot of each sermon moves from a point of tension to a point of resolution, people willingly become involved in the sermon.

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  • Joy Of Preaching


    Foreword By Warren W. Wiersbe
    1. The Two Elements In Preaching
    2. The Preacher Himself
    3. The Preacher In His Work
    4. The Idea Of The Sermon
    5. The Making Of The Sermon
    6. The Congregation
    7. The Ministry Of Our Age
    8. The Value Of A Human Soul
    1. The Teaching Of Religion
    2. The Fire And The Calf Page 225

    Additional Info
    An inspiring source of encouragement and instruction for all ministers of the gospel. This respected giant in the pulpit shares from his lifetime of ministry and preaching. The Joy of Preaching abounds with valuable lessons, pitfalls, and suggestions for the character of the preacher and the quality of the message. Brooks will enthuse you to let God’s truth shine through your personality.

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  • Inductive Preaching : Helping People Listen


    “I spend hours in my study and on my knees preparing sermons, but when I preach them no one listens. What’s wrong? Why aren’t I getting through? Why do I see blank stares, daydream reveries, nodding heads as soon as I open my mouth to preach? I know my messages are biblically sound. I’m sure I’m preaching what God has laid on my heart. But it’s not being received. What’s wrong? What can I do?”

    Sound familiar? If you’re a preacher, you probably know the feeling. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn to preach in a way that will be readily, even eagerly, received by your congregation.

    It’s all here: what inductive preaching is, how it works, why it’s effective, who’s used it-including Jesus, Peter, Paul, Augustine, St. Francis, Wesley, Edwards, and Moody, to name only a few. Also included are:

    * Step-by-step guidelines for constructing an inductive sermon

    * Two sample inductive sermons

    * A list of 96 inductive preachers from 20 centuries

    * A strategy for making traditional sermon structures inductive

    * A checklist of inductive characteristics.

    The principles in this book can dramatically increase your sermon effectiveness-turn apathy into involvement, make listeners out of the listless. Inductive preaching is preaching that works!

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