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  • Fractions And Decimals Activity Book


    Children can take their first steps into the world of fractions and decimals with this beautifully illustrated, full-color activity book.

    With over 80 fun activities to complete, this book will help support kids using fractions and decimals in a variety of different sums. Gradually they will increase their speed, confidence, and proficiency, with friendly animal characters to guide them on their way!

    Activities include:
    * Write in the fractions and decimals on Croc’s number line of tenths.
    * Help Cinderella identify the odd-pumpkin out by solving fraction sums
    * Choose the path of the cycling course by following the increasing decimals

    These books are designed such that they can both support those readers who are nervous of math, and provide a structured way for gifted youngsters to stretch themselves. Designed specially for readers aged 7+.

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