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  • Parents Guide To The Christian College


    Every year, tens of thousands of parents send their children off to Christian colleges and universities, investing in the professional and spiritual growth that such institutions offer. But what happens next? A PARENT’S GUIDE TO THE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE gives answers to parents who want to know just where they’re sending their children and their money. Other guides for parents of college students give information on the secular college experience, but this book provides important insight into the more comprehensive world of Christian education.

    Challenging parents to reconsider their understandings of what it means to be a more fully developed person in light of Christian faith, this book takes a theological approach that celebrates the presence of parents in the lives of their daughters and sons while exploring what that presence should look like during the transition to adulthood. Parents and students alike will benefit from A PARENT”S GUIDE TO THE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, which is designed to help parents more effectively support their children and understand the Christian college’s unique role in nurturing holistic and transformational education.

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  • May It Always Be True


    A collection of heartening chapel addresses from John Brown University President Charles W. Pollard that speak to the intense spiritual experiences of university life, offering encouragement both to current students and those who graduated years ago.
    Chapel services are a central part of the Christian college experience for thousands of today’s students, as well as faculty and staff members, and can be a time for leaders to inspire and encourage students to pursue their work with delightful fervor. That’s what Charles Pollard has tried to do in the chapel addresses he’s delivered during his time as president of John Brown University. ”I left a career in law to teach English literature because I wanted to teach undergraduates and to consider with them the important questions of life,” he writes. ”Why are we here? Why is there joy and pain in life? What is beauty or truth or love? How should I treat others? Is there a God and does it matter? That desire to ask these questions remains an animating part of my work life.” MAY IT ALWAYS BE TRUE brings Pollard’s addresses into a published collection that all of us can benefit from, whether or not we have access to a regular university chapel program.

    The chapters are organized around the rhythm of the academic year (opening day, first semester, Advent, second semester, and baccalaureate) to explore broader topics like, ”Who am I?” ”Finding Advent amid distraction,” and ”Saying farewell.” As a result, MAY IT ALWAYS BE TRUE speaks to the pattern of life that resounds in so many of our souls, whether we still inhabit a university or only remember the call of our college days.

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