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  • Where Was The Biblical Red Sea


    Where was the Red Sea of Exodus?

    Exodus records that the waters of the Red Sea (or Reed Sea) opened up to deliver Israel and plummeted down to destroy their Egyptian pursuers. But if the Red Sea cannot be located, can we trust the claims of the Bible? Some have suggested relocating the events. Others suggest they never happened at all. In Where Was the Biblical Red Sea? Beitzel challenges popular alternatives and defends the traditional location: that the biblical Red Sea refers to a body of water lying between the eastern Nile Delta and Sinai. Beitzel rigorously reexamines the data–both typical and overlooked–ranging from biblical and classical sources to ancient and medieval maps. His comprehensive analysis answers objections to the traditional view and exposes the inadequacies of popular alternatives. Ancient geography excavates the biblical world and its story. Readers will better understand and appreciate the biblical story as well as its historicity and reliability. Where Was the Biblical Red Sea? is a foundational reference work for any discussion of the Exodus event.

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  • Chronology Of Israels Kings And Prophets Pamphlet


    Easily cover decades of Israel’s history at a glance with this slim line pamphlet packed with side-by-side chapter overviews and charts. This easy-to-read chronology takes you through the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, and 1 and 2 Chronicles chapter by chapter.

    This pamphlet helps Bible readers keep track of who’s who and what happened when in Israel’s history. Compare the stories of kings such as David and Solomon with the many kings of Israel and Judah, as well the ministries of prophets such as Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha.

    Glossy laminated pamphlet, ultra-slim, 14 panels, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches.

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  • Complete Illustrated Childrens Bible Atlas


    Help Your Child Explore the Wide World of the Bible Based on the bestselling title, The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible (over 140,000 sold), comes this amazing atlas that will help your child, age 9-12, learn more about the people, places, and events they encounter when reading the Bible. Packed with hundreds of colorful pictures, detailed maps, and fun facts, your child will gain a greater understanding of God’s Word and be better able to visualize what they are reading, a key component in retaining the information they are studying. Spark your child’s interest in the Bible as they study maps, such as:
    *Jesus’ life
    *Paul’s Missionary Travels
    *The Babylonian Empire
    *Abraham’s Journeys
    *Moses and the Exodus

    The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible Atlas is a fun and creative way for your child to engage with God’s Word and makes a great companion to The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible.

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  • Mission In The Old Testament


    Walter Kaiser questions the notion that the New Testament represents a deviation from God’s supposed intention to save only the Israelites. He argues that–contrary to popular opinion–the older Testament does not reinforce an exclusive redemptive plan. Instead, it emphasizes a common human condition and God’s original and continuing concern for all humanity. Kaiser shows that the Israelites’ mission was always to actively spread to gentiles the Good News of the promised Messiah. This new edition adds two new chapters, freshens material throughout, expands the bibliography, and adds study questions to the text.

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  • Bible History Made Simple


    18 Chapteres

    Additional Info
    Many people have these thoughts when it comes to the study of history. Bible History is no different. But history is really a collection of stories about people. And Bible History is a collection of stories about God’s interaction with people. What could be more fascinating than that Maker of the universe reaching down into the lives of His creation?

    Dr. James E. Smith gives us an overview of Bible history that allows us to see the powerful hand of God in action as He moves His world through His plan to save us. We get to put in order all the stories from the most important Book ever written. What makes this book so groundbreaking is that Doc Smith has an amazing ability to breakdown complex thoughts into simple concepts that are easy to follow. He uses mnemonic devices, charts, drawings, and more to truly bring us Bible History Made Simple. It is a great resource for those who are new to the Bible, as well as those looking for an overview to tie it all together.

    Bible History Made Simple is the first the Made Simple Series by Dr. Smith. Look for The Old Testament Books Made Simple and The New Testament Books Made Simple also from College Press Publishing!

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  • Old Testament Books Made Simple


    14 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Dr. James E. Smith has done it again! In his second installment of the Made Simple Series. Doc Smith has given us a quick and easy guide to the Old Testament. Since the Old Testament is the foundation of the New Testament, understanding the OT is crucial. And with the clarity and structure of this book, everyone can find The Old Testament Books Made Simple!

    The Structure of the chapters in this book is derived from the account of the call of Samuel. The Lord called to Samuel three times in the night… Eli instructed Samuel to respond to the next call with these words: Speak, Lord, for your servant hears (I Sam 3:9).

    The letters of the word SPEAK are used to outline the discussion of each Old Testament book.

    S=Situation – the background of the book is set forth.

    P = Plan – book organization is discussed.

    E = Eternal Purpose – the immediate and ultimate purposes for each book are set forth.

    A = Anticipation – how does the book anticipate the coming of Christ?

    K = Keys the key chapter, verse, phrases and words in the book are identified.

    S = Special Features – this suggests a list of oddities, peculiarities, or facts that point to the uniqueness of each book.

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  • New Testament Books Made Simple


    14 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Sometimes understanding the Bible seems overwhelming! It is so big and complex. It has sixty-six books within the Book. Wouldn’t it be great if someone would break it down into bite-sized chunks for us! Well, Dr. James Smith has done just that! In The New Testament Books Made Simple, Doc Smith takes us through each book of the New Testament opening up its contents and significance in a dynamic and straightforward approach!

    As in Old Testament Books Made Simple for each book I have followed an outline based on the boy Samuel’s reply to God’s voice: Speak, for your servant hears (1 Sam 3:10). The letters of SPEAK will be an acronym to outline introductory material:


    P=Plan (How the book is structured)

    E=Eternal Purpose

    A=Acclaim for Jesus


    Under the heading HEAR outstanding chapters and versus in each book are suggested.

    Whether you are new to the Bible or a seasoned teacher of the Word, Smith’s clear thinking, crisp writing, and depth of insight will dramatically add to your understanding of Scripture. His use of memory keys, charts, lists, and more will help you keep what you learn for years to come and have you coming back to this resource again and again.

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  • Tabernacle At Mt Sinai Wall Chart Laminated


    New wall chart shows the Tabernacle at the foot of Mt. Sinai with the people of Israel camped around it. The cloud is the glory of the Lord filling the Tabernacle and covering the camp and the mountain (Exodus 16, 24, 40). The glory of the Lord reminded the people of God’s presence with them. Printed on heavy chart paper. Includes reproducible worksheets and handouts on the back.

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  • Paul The Missionary


    Eckhard J. Schnabel, author of the monumental scholarly study Early Christian Mission (2 volumes), gives us an overview of Paul’s missionary practices, strategies and methods, and then weighs contemporary evangelical missiology and practice in light of Paul.

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  • Dead Sea Scrolls Wall Chart Laminated


    The Dead Sea Scrolls discovery is one of the most important finds to confirm that the Bible was translated accurately . Many people believe (wrongly) that the Dead Sea Scrolls were the originals of the Bible. They are actually the oldest copies we have of portions of the Old Testament. This chart tells the story of how the scrolls were discovered, maps, a time line, and photos of the caves and scrolls.

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  • Genesis Time Line Wall Chart Laminated


    Now you can see all the key people and events from the Book of Genesis at a glance. This fantastic chart includes a time line and maps, so you can quickly understand the life and travels of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, Leah, Rachel, Esau, Jospeh and more. See important events, such as Creation, Adam and Eve, the Fall, Cain and Abel, the Flood, the Table of Nations, and the Tower of Babel. If you are studying Genesis, you will want the wall chart for your classroom.

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  • Solomons Temple Cutaway Wall Chart Laminated


    Now you can see the inside of the Old Testament Temple that was built by King Solomon in 960 BC. You can see the Ark of the Covenant, the massive gold cherubim, the huge pillars, the king’s treasury, and the golden walls in this painting. It was magnificent: 90 ft. long and covered with literally tons of gold, silver, and precious stones that had been collected by King David. It was to be a house of prayer for all people. God’s glory filled the Temple.
    Artist Hugh Claycombe used the description in the Bible-as well as artwork, art styles, and patterns used during the time of Solomon. He collaborated with archaeologists and others, to reconstruct the appearance of the Temple. In this new chart, a shaft of sunlight, hitting the solid gold Temple floor, reveals its reflective power, filling the magnificent interior with life and color, an awe-inspiring place to pray and worship.
    Within minutes, your students will know the key points and will grasp the wonderful Old Testament symbolism. Jesus is our great high priest and the perfect sacrifice for our sins. As believers in Christ, we are God’s temple and God’s spirit lives in us. Perfect for teaching on the life of kings David and Solomon. Reproducible worksheets included on the back

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  • Ark Of The Covenant Wall Chart Laminated


    The Ark of the Covenant wall chart shows the most important part of the Tabernacle and the Temple. God instructed Moses to place the Mercy Seat and the Ark of the Covenant in the Tabernacle. It stood in the Most Holy Place (the “Holy of Holies”) where God spoke to Moses. This artist’s illustration is drawn from the description found in Exodus 25. Chart also available laminated. Reproducible worksheets on the back include teaching tips.

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  • Jerusalem At The Time Of Jesus Map Laminated


    Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus
    Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus shows the places where Jesus and his disciples went. This fantastic bird’s-eye map was created to meticulous archaeological detail by renown Bible artist Hugh Claycombe.
    This fantastic map shows –
    * The Temple * The Garden of Gethsemane * The Pool of Bethesda * The Siloam Pool * The Golden or Eastern Gate * Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified * The House of Caiaphas, where Jesus was tried * The Western Wall (“Wailing Wall”) * Kidron Valley * Damascus Gate * and more. Available laminated or unlaminated. Reproducible worksheets on the back include teaching tips, a glossary of terms, and a mini map.
    Topical index: Ashpot Gate, Beautiful Gate, Bible map, Bible maps, City of David, Damascus Gate, Eastern Gate, Essene Gate, Garden Tomb, Gentiles Court, Gihon Spring, Golden Gate, Golgotha, Hasmonean Palace, Herod, Herod Agrippa I, Herod I, Herods Temple, Herods Towers, Hezekiahs Tunnel, House of Caiaphas, Huldah Gates, Jerusalem, Jerusalem map, map of Jerusalem, ministry of Jesus, Kidron Valley, Mount of Olives, Mount Zion, Pool of Bethesda, Pool of Siloam, Sheep gate, Solomons Porch, Solomons Portico, Tekoa Gate, Temple, Temple Mount, water gate, Western Wall

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  • Middle East And Central Asia Map Wall Chart Laminated


    Middle East and Central Asia Map Includes the 10-40 Window
    This bright colorful map shows the countries in the Middle East and Central Asia, along with population and religion information about each one. Helps you pray for missionaries and persecuted Christians in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and more. Perfect for studying the 10-40 window. On the back: teaching tips and reproducible pages which include a mini-map, statistics about each country, and how to talk with Muslims about Christ. Available laminated or unlaminated.
    Topical index: 10-40, 10-40 window, Afghanistan, Arabian Sea, Aral Sea, Baghdad, Bahrain, Bible map, Bible maps, Cairo, Caspian Sea, Central Asia, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Euphrates, Gaza, Georgia, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, India, Indian Ocean, Indus River, Israel, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mecca, Medina, Mediterranean Sea, missions, missions map, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Riyadh, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Suez, Tajikistan, Tel Aviv, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, West Bank, Yemen

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  • Kings And Prophets Wall Chart Laminated


    Bible study leaders, teachers, and history buffs will love this time line, Kings and Prophets. From King Saul and King David to prophets Samuel, Elijah, Isaiah and Jeremiah, this handy chart will make biblical chronology easier to understand.

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  • Old Testament History An Overview Of Sacred History And Truth


    This is the revised and expanded version of Wilbur Fields’ 1967 Old Testament History. Utilizing the New International Version, this volume stands ready to service the needs of Bible college students and laymen interested in knowing their Old Testaments better.

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  • Genealogy Of Jesus Christ Wall Chart Laminated


    The Genealogy of Jesus Christ is an extra large wall chart showing Jesus’ family tree all the way back to Adam and Eve. (Researcher William Demery worked for many years on this project, then made copies by hand-a 16-hour task!) Now it is available with more than 1000 names and 100 fascinating facts.

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  • Middle East Then And Now Wall Chart Laminated


    Heavy Chart Paper

    Additional Info
    Middle East:Then & Now
    The Middle East: Then and Now compares a Bible map of the Middle East side-by-side with a modern-day map. The clear, colorful map with large print provides a simple way of enhancing many Old Testament Bible stories, including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Adam and Eve, Noah’s ark, the Tower of Babel, Daniel, and Esther. Available laminated or unlaminated. Reproducible worksheets on back.
    Topical index: Afghanistan, Alexandria, Arabian Desert, Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Armenia, Assyria, Babylon, Bahrain, Bible map, Black Sea, Canaan, Caspian Sea, Cush, Cyprus, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Euphrates, Gaza, Giza, Great Sea, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Aqaba, Gulf of Oman, Gulf of Suez, Holy Land timeline, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Istanbul, Jericho, Jerusalem, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mediterranean Sea, Mesopotamia, Middle East, Middle East map, Middle East timeline, Mount Ararat, Nile, Nineveh, Oman, On, Pakistan, Persia, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Saudi Arabia, Strait of Hormuz, Sudan, Suez, Syria, then and now, Tigris, Turkey, U.S.S.R., West Bank, Yemen

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  • Books Of History


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899004242James SmithBinding: Cloth TextPublished: March 1997Old Testament SurveyPublisher: College Press Publishing Company Inc.

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