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  • Books Of The Bible Made Easy


    Want a quick overview of the Bible? From Genesis through Revelation, get a handle on all 66 books of the Bible with this quick guide! Find information fast with its simple summaries, outlines, and charts!

    See what you need to know about all 66 books of the Bible at a glance! For each book of the Bible, it shows the name of the book, the author, topic, when it was written, purpose, and the key verse. Perfect for individual use, group Bible study, or adult Sunday school classes.

    Enjoy having these features at your fingertips:
    * Easy-to-understand overview on ALL 66 books of the Bible, answering key questions:
    -Who wrote the book?
    -When was it written?
    -Why was it written?
    -How is Jesus present?
    * Brief summaries
    * Basic outlines
    * Key Scripture verses
    * Introductions to each section of the Bible-Pentateuch, historical books, poetry & wisdom books, prophetic books, Gospels & Acts, and Epistles & Revelation-that allow you to see which books are grouped together and why.

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  • Bible Study Made Easy


    How can you dig deeper into the Bible? Enjoy a solid, easy-tounderstand overview of inductive Bible study with Rose’s Bible Study Made Easy.

    Featuring charts, simple summaries, and practical tips, this quick guide is a great introduction, going step-by-step through the basic principles of Bible study.

    Discover how to use concordances to easily navigate through the Bible, find out how to dig deeper with Bible dictionaries, and learn how to apply God’s word to your life through inductive Bible studies.

    It covers:
    * 7 “first steps” to take when beginning a Bible study
    * 8 basic principles of Bible study
    * Dozens of study tips and recommendations, including which key Bible verses, passages, and books of the Bible to explore
    * 3 keys to inductive Bible study and the S.O.I.L. four-step approach that explains how to dig deeper into the Bible

    Perfect for individual study, 1-on-1 discipleship, small groups, adult Sunday school classes, youth groups, and new believers’ classes!

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  • Handy Guide To Difficult And Irregular Greek Verbs


    The Handy Guide to Difficult and Irregular Greek Verbs is a learning aid for anyone wishing to master New Testament vocabulary, especially those transitioning from beginning courses in Greek to regular reading of the New Testament. By listing irregular verb tenses from most to least frequently used, it fills an empty niche in the student’s toolbox. No other such list exists in published form though the necessity of learning irregular verbs is universally recognized. Irregular verbs in Greek are equivalent to the English verb “go” and its past tense “went.” The two words aren’t intuitively connected, but must be memorized, and the user must know the words are versions of the same verb to find the full entry for “went” in the dictionary. This resource helps students learn those irregular Greek forms that are otherwise difficult to place. This is an excellent resource for pastors, biblical scholars, and anyone who learned Greek years ago and wants to improve their ease of reading the New Testament.

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  • Readers Greek New Testament 3rd Edition


    A Reader’s Greek New Testament: Third Edition saves time and effort in studying the Greek New Testament. If a Greek word appears in the New Testament fewer than 30 times, then a definition is provided. This serves as an aid when you encounter less common vocabulary, allowing you to focus on reading, comprehension, parsing, and grammatical issues. You no longer have to interrupt your reading, searching through a lexicon! Featuring a handsome Italian Duo-Tone binding, A Reader’s Greek New Testament: Third Edition is a practical, attractive, and surprisingly affordable resource.

    Features of this third edition include: footnoted definitions of all words occurring 30 times or less; mini-lexicon of all words occurring more than 30 times; Greek text underlying the New International Version; footnotes comparing the Greek text with the critical text of UBS5/NA28; 4 pages of full-color maps; marker ribbon; and easy-to-read Greek fonts.

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  • Greek English New Testament


    The most widely used edition of the Greek New Testament and the most widely read contemporary English Bible translation are now available in one volume! Featuring the UBS 5 critical text (with the full apparatus) and the New International Version, this reference volume stands to become the standard edition for translators and students. Like the 28th edition of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece, the UBS 5 text is the leading edition of the original text of the New Testament. It contains the same Greek text as NA28, differing only in some details of punctuation and paragraphing. The critical apparatus includes exegetically significant variants (fewer than NA28) but adds extensive manuscript evidence (more than NA28) for each variant, thereby offering in-depth instruction for students on how variants and the evidence for them work together. The readings of the newly discovered Papyri 117 – 127 have been incorporated into this edition, thereby opening up interesting perspectives particularly for the Acts of Apostles. A special focus of the revision was on the Catholic Epistles, which included more than thirty modifications in the reading text and resulted in a new selection of witnesses for the textual apparatus, in addition to modifications of the selection of apparatus units. Bound with a sturdy flexicover, this edition was typeset with a new, aesthetically appealing and readily legible Greek font. Additional features of the Greek-English New Testament include:
    *Side-by-side format (UBS5 text on one page with NIV on the facing page)
    *NIV text formatted to parallel UBS5 text Single column format
    *Words of Christ in black
    *Presentation page
    *Ribbon marker

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  • Sweeter Than Honey Richer Than Gold


    SKU (ISBN): 9781941337370Leland RykenBinding: Trade PaperPublished: April 2015Reading The Bible As Literature # 2Publisher: Weaver Book Company

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  • How Bible Stories Work


    SKU (ISBN): 9781941337363Leland RykenBinding: Trade PaperPublished: April 2015Reading The Bible As Literature # 1Publisher: Weaver Book Company

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  • Bible History Made Simple


    18 Chapteres

    Additional Info
    Many people have these thoughts when it comes to the study of history. Bible History is no different. But history is really a collection of stories about people. And Bible History is a collection of stories about God’s interaction with people. What could be more fascinating than that Maker of the universe reaching down into the lives of His creation?

    Dr. James E. Smith gives us an overview of Bible history that allows us to see the powerful hand of God in action as He moves His world through His plan to save us. We get to put in order all the stories from the most important Book ever written. What makes this book so groundbreaking is that Doc Smith has an amazing ability to breakdown complex thoughts into simple concepts that are easy to follow. He uses mnemonic devices, charts, drawings, and more to truly bring us Bible History Made Simple. It is a great resource for those who are new to the Bible, as well as those looking for an overview to tie it all together.

    Bible History Made Simple is the first the Made Simple Series by Dr. Smith. Look for The Old Testament Books Made Simple and The New Testament Books Made Simple also from College Press Publishing!

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  • Old Testament Books Made Simple


    14 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Dr. James E. Smith has done it again! In his second installment of the Made Simple Series. Doc Smith has given us a quick and easy guide to the Old Testament. Since the Old Testament is the foundation of the New Testament, understanding the OT is crucial. And with the clarity and structure of this book, everyone can find The Old Testament Books Made Simple!

    The Structure of the chapters in this book is derived from the account of the call of Samuel. The Lord called to Samuel three times in the night… Eli instructed Samuel to respond to the next call with these words: Speak, Lord, for your servant hears (I Sam 3:9).

    The letters of the word SPEAK are used to outline the discussion of each Old Testament book.

    S=Situation – the background of the book is set forth.

    P = Plan – book organization is discussed.

    E = Eternal Purpose – the immediate and ultimate purposes for each book are set forth.

    A = Anticipation – how does the book anticipate the coming of Christ?

    K = Keys the key chapter, verse, phrases and words in the book are identified.

    S = Special Features – this suggests a list of oddities, peculiarities, or facts that point to the uniqueness of each book.

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  • New Testament Books Made Simple


    14 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Sometimes understanding the Bible seems overwhelming! It is so big and complex. It has sixty-six books within the Book. Wouldn’t it be great if someone would break it down into bite-sized chunks for us! Well, Dr. James Smith has done just that! In The New Testament Books Made Simple, Doc Smith takes us through each book of the New Testament opening up its contents and significance in a dynamic and straightforward approach!

    As in Old Testament Books Made Simple for each book I have followed an outline based on the boy Samuel’s reply to God’s voice: Speak, for your servant hears (1 Sam 3:10). The letters of SPEAK will be an acronym to outline introductory material:


    P=Plan (How the book is structured)

    E=Eternal Purpose

    A=Acclaim for Jesus


    Under the heading HEAR outstanding chapters and versus in each book are suggested.

    Whether you are new to the Bible or a seasoned teacher of the Word, Smith’s clear thinking, crisp writing, and depth of insight will dramatically add to your understanding of Scripture. His use of memory keys, charts, lists, and more will help you keep what you learn for years to come and have you coming back to this resource again and again.

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  • Koine Greek Reader


    Providing graded readings in Koine Greek from the New Testament, Septuagint, Apostolic Fathers, and early creeds, this unique text integrates the full range of materials needed by intermediate Greek students. Its many features include four helpful vocabulary lists, numerous references to other resources, assorted translation helps, a review of basic grammar and syntax, and an introduction to BDAG-the standard Greek lexicon.

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  • How To Study The Bible Wall Chart Laminated


    How to Study the Bible wall chart
    Whether you are teaching people with no Bible experience or those who have been Christians a long time, this chart will provide an excellent introduction to studying the Bible.
    Your students will learn the basics of Bible study and develop the confidence to read it themselves.
    * Approaching the Bible “inductively”-asking “What does the Bible
    teach?” rather than “How do I prove my opinions by using the Bible?”
    * Bible passages and topics to study.
    * Applying the teachings of the Bible to everyday life.
    * Memorizing Scripture-12 key verses.
    * Using Bible dictionaries, concordances, and cross references

    Contirbutors: Bill Reynolds (“Mr. Bible”); Dr. Robert Cubillos; Carleen Shrag, Dr. Peter Loizeaux, Carolyn Loizeaux, Dan Mahaffie, Delores Withers, Dave Wilke.

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  • Bakers Bible Atlas


    An atlas organized to follow the Scriptural narrative, including maps and photographs.
    With more than 90 illustrations and hundreds of charts and maps, this volume will help you understand the land and times of the Bible better.

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  • New Testament Exegesis


    A favorite among pastors and seminary students for 20 years, Fee’s trusted handbook offers a clear, step-by-step process for interpreting the Greek text—even if you only know English. Newly revised, his indispensable manual provides seasoned guidance for accurate reading and practical help for sermon preparation. Includes an extensive annotated bibliography explaining the best resources

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  • Pocket Dictionary For The Study Of New Testament Greek


    If you are beginning your study of New Testament Greek or Greek exegesis, this book is for you!

    From ablative to zeugma, it defines the tangled terms that infest Greek textbooks, grammars and lexicons.

    Here is the book to deliver you from late-night ponderings of the predicate and frantic fumings over the fricative. It is the indispensable lexicon to that third language that is neither Greek nor recognizable English: the technical vocabulary of grammarians, lexicographers, linguists and Greek instructors. What’s more, this pocket dictionary gives you the inside edge on the terminology of exegesis, textual criticism and biblical criticism.

    Careful definitions, helpful examples and copious cross-references make this economically priced, brief dictionary easy to use. And its convenient size will make it a constant companion in your study of the Greek New Testament.

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  • Brown Driver Briggs Hebrew And English Lexicon



    Hebrew And English Lexicon
    Coded With Strong’s Concordance Numbers
    Total Pages 1185

    Additional Info
    A trio of eminent Old Testament scholars_Francis Brown, R. Driver, and Charles Briggs_spent over twenty years researching, writing, and preparing The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon. Since it first appeared in the early part of the twentieth century, BDB has been considered the finest and most comprehensive Hebrew lexicon available to the English-speaking student. Based upon the classic work of Wilhelm Gesenius, the “father of modern Hebrew lexicography,” BDB gives not only dictionary definitions for each word, but relates each word to its Old Testament usage and categorizes its nuances of meaning. BDB’s exhaustive coverage of Old Testament Hebrew words, as well as its unparalleled usage of cognate languages and the wealth of background sources consulted and quoted, render BDB and invaluable resource for all students of the Bible._From the publisher’s preface

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  • Complete Word Study New Testament


    Now you can dig into the original language of the New Testament without becoming a Greek scholar! This enriching resource assigns a Strong’s reference number to every word in the KJV text, provides grammatical information about each word, and parses each verb.Strong’s Dictionary of the New Testament * Greek concordance * And more!

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